Lighting for "Halo 5: Guardians" (343 Industries, Proprietary Engine)
  • halo310
    Lighting for "Halo 5: Guardians" (343 Industries, Proprietary Engine)
  • lava_fortress
    Lava Fortress concept. Rough object placement, followed by paintover.
  • covered_wagon
    3D model of covered wagon, back half showing wireframe.
  • eclipse_rifle
    Plasma rifle concept and 3D model, including 1st person viewpoint.
  • ryse01
    Lighting for Crytek's "Ryse: Son of Rome" (CryEngine)
  • haunted_hallway
    Concept for a dilapidated, deranged hallway.
  • officers_quarters
    Officer's quarters concepts and modeling, with lighting variations.
  • ArcSquadronmain
    Special FX and Lighting for the iOS/Android title "Arc Squadron". (Psyonix, Unreal Engine)
  • halo372
    Lighting for "Halo 5: Guardians" (343 Industries - Microsoft Studios)
  • old_european_village
    Rough whitebox placement with paintover.
  • plant_models
    Various 3D models of plants, showing wireframes.
  • snow_scout
    "Snow Scout" vehicle concept, and 3D model showing wireframes.
  • spaceships
    Spaceship concepts.
  • ryse02
    Lighting for "Ryse: Son of Rome" (CryEngine)
  • specimen_tank
    Concept for science lab with specimen tank.
  • tree_village
    Tree village concept.
  • turkish_daggers
    Turkish dagger concept variations.
  • r303
    Lighting for "Resistance 3" (Insomniac Games, Proprietary Engine)
  • zombie_vampire
    Zombie vampire concept.